Storynorry is a beneficial resource for us.In storynorry,there are  original,classic stories and fairytales.Students can listen and read the stories in the same time.By listening a story,students develop their reading and pronounciation skills.Also,we have  ‘Storyjumper’.In storyjumper,you can create your storybook.Language teachers should use the stories because the students like the stories so much.:)



Weebly is a website.It is online free website and it can be easily created.Firstlly,you should sign up and should fill your profile with your informations.Then,you can add whatever you want such as pictures,links,texts,etc.Now,we will create our own website.I feel me excited.:)


Second life is a virtual game but it is like a  real life.In second life world,there are avatars.By choosing an avatar,you can explore the world.You can participate in a conference,you can participate group activities.Also,in second life there are companies such as VESTEL,BEKO,ADIDAS,NIKE,etc.You can go these companies like a real.You can do whatever oyu want in there.When you enter this life,you will be addicted.You will enjoy so much.Second life is a very enjoyful life.:):)


Audioboo is a very nice website.You can record and share sound files.I think,to develop pronounciation skills this site is very good.In education area,it can be used.It is enjoyable for students and teachers.Also,in this site the users can send audio messages to each other.Recording and sharing your sound,you can develop your communication skills with the world.I find this site very effective for language learning,I want to use it.:)


Google hangouts is a video chat service.People talk each other.You can talk as individual or  group.Also,users can share documents,images and videos with other users.

Wiziq is a learning platform.Teachers and students find each other and make online learning.Wiziq looks like a real classroom environment.It has video,powerpoint,Pdf and courses.While I was learning wiziq,I enjoyed so much.I am sure that students will enjoy,too.Teaching-learning process in Wiziq,is more enjoyable.I think that,it should be used for effective learning.



My name is Elif ALTIPARMAK.I was born in Rize and in 1991.I am 23 years old.I have two brothers.When I was a child,I lived in a small village.Respectively,I went to Çağrıbey Primary School,Ardeşen Anatolian Teacher Training High School.I have been studying in Abant İzzet Baysal University since 2010.I worked at Latife Hanım Kindergarten and Bolu Teacher Training High School.And I have been working in 50.YIL Primary School.



This week,we examined edmodo,prezi and nicenet.These social networks are very useful.Especially,edmodo is very good.Generally,the students don’t like to do homework.Instead of studying or doing homework,they prefer using computers in every time.So,the teachers can use the edmodo and the students can be more eager to the lesson.For the teachers, edmodo offer an opportunity to connect with students and help them.Parents can also view this website, either under their child’s username or they may create their own account. The Parent accounts allow parents to see their children’s assignments and grades.Shortly,edmodo is the best for students,teachers and parents.:)


This week,we examined ”hot potatoes”.It is wonderful and benefical for teachers.We made exercises and we saw that how we can use it.Every teacher can easily use it.It has many advantages.You can prepare quizzes and you can share it with your students.In the past,preparing an exam or quizzes was difficult.You had to spend more time to do these,but nowadays it is very easy.Espacially with hot potatoes,it is easier than.I am sure that students will like it,too.



This article is about computers assisted language learning.In the article,there is a brief overview of how computers have been used and are being used for language teaching.Nowadays,teachers use computers as a part of a lesson.By using it,they try to make lesson more effective.

CALL has three phases.These are behavioristic CALL,communicative CALL and integrative CALL.Behavioristic CALL is based on the behavioristic theories of learning.Communicative CALL is based on the communicative approach to teaching.Integrative CALL is based on multimedia computers and the ınternet.By using the internet,people can develop their foreing languages.It has a chance to speak with native speakers.Also,it gives us a chance to develop our listening,speaking and writing abilities,too.

Briefly,CALL and the internet have great importance in the learning and teaching process.Language learners and language teachers should certainly use these.



Today,we talked about online communities of practice.We mentioned that what for do people use these communities.We said that English teacher use these sites especially for sharing activities and materials.Then,we mentioned about ‘dropbox’.Dropbox is a very nice site.It is like an archives.People can store their important files.Also,when they make a change on their files,it is automatically updated on the internet.I find dropbox more useful.Everyone can use it easily.